Claims & Financing

Claims & Financing


You can’t control the weather, but you can control the repair process!

Our mission is to protect your most valuable assets: your home and your business.

Our claims specialist works closely with your insurance adjuster throughout the entire replacement and restoration process, so you don’t have to! This allows for accurate assessments of damages and fair compensation for all damages incurred.  

After managing many jobs of all sorts, our team has mastered the insurance claims process for both residential and commercial properties.

Insurance Claims Processing

Step 1

Contact our team to schedule a time to assess damages and validate whether making a claim is necessary.

Step 2

While making your claim, notify the insurance company you had a contractor alert you of the damages that qualify your roof for replacement (e.g. hail, wind, etc.). 

You must provide the date of the storm and your personal information. When the insurance company contacts you (typically within 24-48 hours), they will provide a date and time to visit the property.

Step 3

After you get your insurance paperwork, pass that along to your trusted contractor at All Star Construction. This paperwork will have all measurements and materials paid for. This helps us navigate the project to make sure all items are included, and it always gives us an opportunity to add missed items (supplement).

Step 4

Before work begins, we’ll arrange a meeting to review all details regarding the replacement, and then sign contracts for all parties involved — contractor, customer, and the insurance company.

Step 5

Lastly, our qualified team will complete your project to the exact specifications outlined in the contracts until you are completely satisfied with the work. 


Never give your money to a contractor before the job is started. If you’re working with a qualified and competent company, there is no need for money upfront.

pen, calculator and sheet of numbers


We are partnered with an elite, nationwide finance company that offers more than fifty financing solutions. Our partner was hand-selected primarily because of their easy application process.

We hope to help you with your home project needs! If you have any questions about the application below, please contact us.

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